Admissions Procedure

A completed application form is required along with documents listed on page 4 of the application form.  There is an application fee of AED 800.  This application fee is to cover administration costs and is non-refundable.  An entry assessment is not always required and this decision is made by the Principal based on the application information and previous school report.  We are a school for English speaking pupils.  We do not teach English as a second language.

For an application form, please call us on +971 4 394 3465 or email us at

Admission to Foundation Stage

Applications to Foundation 1 and 2 are accepted throughout the year providing there are available places. Pupils are eligible for admission if they have reached 3 years old by August of that year.  If an applicant is bi-lingual or their first language is not English then they will be assessed and an offer of a place will depend on the results of the assessment.  Foundation pupils must be toilet trained before commencing school.

Admission Year 1 – Year 6

Applications are accepted throughout the year.  Applicants coming from outside Dubai can be admitted up to the 3rd term providing a place is available.  Applicants coming from other schools within Dubai can be admitted up to the start of the second term only if the school they are coming from is also an English Curriculum School (as per the KHDA rules).  Admission decisions are made on the basis of the previous school report, and, if necessary, a placement assessment. If a place is offered to applicants coming from outside Dubai it is on condition of submission of a satisfactory Transfer Certificate for registration with the KHDA. A sample of this letter is included in the application pack .If the applicant is transferring from a school within Dubai then the transfer is done electronically so a certificate is not required.

We have a limited number of places for pupils who may require general learning support. These places fill very quickly and a pupil will only be admitted if it is ascertained that the school can provide the supportive environment in which he or she can succeed.


Our ethos is such that the school is coeducational and caters to a wide ability range. Its admission policy will, therefore, reflect this ethos by maintaining a balance of both gender and ability in those places offered.

Applicants who have siblings attending our school will be given priority in a waiting list situation but their applications will follow the same admissions procedure outlined above.