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Term 1

This term, we will explore the topic, ‘All About Me’. We will encourage the children to talk about themselves, their friends and family. Developing good communication skills are key in the Foundation Stage, so we will support the children to speak in a clear voice that can be heard by others, and to listen carefully when friends speak. Self-confidence can affect a child’s communication skills, so development of self-confidence is priority in Term 1, as it goes hand-in-hand with communication skills.

Family is an important part of who we are, so we will talk about who is in our families and how they are special to us. We will identify similarities and differences between ourselves and families, and celebrate those differences. In such a diverse country like Dubai, our students will meet a variety of children and adults from different cultures, so acceptance and celebration of diversity is an important part of our education at MPS.

In Term 1, we will encourage our students to share their interests and find out what they want to learn about this year. In literacy, we will focus on the children’s name writing and in mathematics, we will concentrate on number formation, recognition and ordering (0-5).

This term, we will investigate where our families are from and the countries where we were born. We will also explore the emirate of Dubai and learn about where we live in the context of the United Arab Emirates.

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