Class AT – Year 1

Class AT – Year 1

Hello and welcome to the page for Class AT.

Please use this page to find out what we are getting up to and for any tips to help your child with their learning over the coming year.

Welcome back to Term 2 at Manor Primary School.

I hope that you had a lovely holiday. We will be starting this term at full speed and continue to build on the fantastic learning we did in the Autumn term.

Our topic this term is World Kitchen – we will focus on the continent of Africa. Our learning will be based around this and we will be turning our classroom into an African escape! Please feel free to come and look at the classroom at the end of the day. Pictures will follow!

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Thomas, Miss Wendy and Miss Sanuja

Curriculum Overview Year 1 Term 2

Autumn term.

A huge focus for children in year 1 is their understanding of numbers. We will be counting in different ways on a daily basis. We will be using our knowledge of numbers to then look at place value and what that means when using numbers. This will allow us to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction. We will also look at measures and shape, money and time. We will continually practise days of the week and months of the year so that children have good understanding of which follows which and how they link to our daily lives. Please help your child by talking to them about what day it is and what they have on in school that day.

We will be continuing the great work that your children have done in FS2. Phonics will still play a huge role in your child’s learning. Reading will be a big focus for us and we will be practising this all the time. Please encourage your child to try and read things in your everyday lives. In our writing, we will continue to practise our letter formation and sentence structure. Children will be encouraged to write sentences starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop. We will practise our writing on a daily basis. Children will have weekly spellings set following a set rule. They will have different activities to
complete linked to their spellings which will help to embed the rules set.


Our topic to start the term off will be ‘Ourselves’. This topic will develop on the information learned in FS2 and go into more depth. The majority of our learning will help us to find out about different aspects of our lives and help us to discover more about ourselves.

In science, we will look at the human body. Children will learn about names of body parts and their senses. We will become sense detectives and complete an investigation based on this.

We will also look at seasonal changes. This is a tricky concept for children to grasp when living in a country such as the UAE! Therefore, we will look at the seasons of Autumn and Winter for this term and then progress this later in the year.

In geography, we will be learning about where we live, where our classroom is, where our school is and how we travel to and from school. We will look at maps and photographs of the local area.

This term we will be finding out about Portraits. Children will be researching famous artists who are famous for portrait work, such as: Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. We will be using different media to create our own portraits.

Design and Technology.
In our DT lessons, we will be exploring different fabrics, how to join fabrics together, how to make features of a face using materials and then designing and making our fabric faces.

We will focus on history later in the term. For this we will learn about Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot. Children will find out about the famous people involved in the event and why it is still celebrated today. We will also learn about Remembrance Day. It is important for children to learn about these significant events, helping them to understand
the way in which the world has changed.

Children will have swimming lessons in our fabulous outdoor pool. They will also take part in lessons focusing on ball skills for the first half term. They will be looking at different ways to send and receive a ball.

We will be exploring sounds and linking this information to our topic of Ourselves. Children will also have their Arabic lessons, as well as Islamic lessons for certain students.


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