Class AG – Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, the final year of Primary school!

Year 6 – Term 2 Introduction

The much anticipated World War II topic is finally here! We will cover a wide range of areas about WWII. The class will start by looking at the reasons for it going all the way back to World War I, the build up to WWII and then significant events from 1939-1945. This topic is about learning why WWII occurred, who was affected, why some countries were involved or not involved, as well as European and world geography. The Year 6 students will not be covering anything after 1945 as this is not part of the WWII topic.

There may be some lessons that students may find emotionally challenging, but will be taught the importance of many different events, not just the battles that took place. This topic is not about blaming countries or groups of people, but understanding why things happened. Students will learn that not everything is simply black or white when it comes to serious subjects.

Year 6 students are encouraged to bring in any memorabilia from WWII or any war their family may possess, or if you have personal stories of family members that had experiences during this time, please feel free to share this with the class.


Year 6 will be covering persuasive writing, historical fiction stories, war-time poetry and studying different forms of communication (letters, e-mails, Morse-code, text messaging). If there is time, the class will also be writing balanced arguments.

There will be an increase in Reading Comprehension this term, with our book study of, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and there will be a focus on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) in preparation for the SATs in Term 3


Year 6 will be reviewing the 4 main functions of Maths, along with working on Ratio and Proportion, Algebra and Geometry. Many of these will be linked with the WWII topic as well as problem solving and reasoning questions throughout the term. Students who are still not confident with their multiplication tables, should be practicing these each day as the topics covered this term are all based on multiplication.


The Science topic for the term is Light followed by a review of past KS2 topics such as Forces and States of Matter to prepare them for Secondary School.

For information on the other topic areas, please consult the Curriculum overview, which can be found on the webpage.

I look forward to the term ahead!

Mr Adam Gray

Assistant Head Teacher

Year 6 Class Teacher

Head of KS2, Maths, Science and Social Media

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Year 6: End of Term 1 Summary

What a term Year 6 had! So much was accomplished during our longest term of the year. The students have come a long way already in their final year of Primary school.

In English, the class wrote their own fictional short stories, created some amazing natural disaster themed poetry,

For Maths, students built up their confidence and ability in the 4 main functions of Maths, they worked on 2D and 3D shapes along with Area and Perimeter. They learned how to use fractions in multiple ways and also worked on the Reasoning skills through various problem solving tasks.

In Science, we finished our Electricity unit where students designed and built their own circuits as well as repaired broken circuits, including simple, complex and parallel. They then learned about classifying living things using the Linnaeus method and discussed different ways to sort very similar animals.

The termly topic, Our Planet, looked at a range of Natural and Man-made disasters that impact us every day. The students are now able to talk about how most natural disasters occur, how to protect ourselves from them, and their impact on the globe. The class built various shelters to protect from a range of disasters, however the were all destroyed by the end of the tests! The clean-up was fun!

The big highlight of Term 1 was our Residential trip to RAK for 3 days. Students participated in Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Wind Surfing among other activities. It was great to see so many students take on the challenges and overcome fears, especially with the 25ft jump from the Leap of Faith! Check out our Facebook and Instagram page for updates on some of the things that we do in class and on our trip.

We can’t wait for Term 2 and the topic, WWII!

Have a wonderful holiday students and see you in 2018!

Written by: Mr Adam Gray

Assistant Head Teacher, Class Teacher, Head of KS2, Maths, Science and Social Media

Year 6: Week 7 and 8 Update

Over the past 2 weeks we have done a lot of awesome things like the Dubai 30×30 challenge. Last week we started building our houses that are supposed to withstand any natural disaster, but there is a secret challenge that no one knows about except for Mr. Gray. I cannot wait to find out what the big secret is! I personally think ours is going well but it does need some improvement.  Even though it is a competition- good luck to everyone! Here’s a tip; make sure it is stable and can float.

For the 30×30 challenge we have been going out in the pod and doing some exercises for two minutes between every lesson. We all thought it would be easy but it turned out to be hard work. I hope my class is still doing thirty minutes of exercise every day at home too. I have been trying to go walking each day and it turns out to start like a habit. We were lucky enough that a person came to our school for the bicycle challenge. It was really tiring and my scorer was 189 volts but Mr. Grays was 521 volts!  We also did allot of rugby this week. We did a game where you had to run to the middle pick up the ball and put it in your bass my team never won. The team I was in consisted of me, Sean, Rehan, Maryam and Fatima. Even though we didn’t win we still had fun. The next day we did karate it was so much fun. We played a game of Simon says Victoria won out of all the year fives and six. I half to admit she was good at the game. We did another game but this time it was boys vs girls. How you play was the coach would take a noodle and we had to block two times then duck then jump last but not least two punches. The boys won twice the girls won once.

I think that the most exciting thing that happened over the past two weeks is getting to know about camp. Year 5 and year 6 will go on camp in Ras al Khaimah at the Ecoventure Camp in Al jeer. We will be at camp from Sunday 10th   of December to Tuesday 12th December. We will get to enjoy activities like wind surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, leap of faith, raft building and Jacobs ladder. I can’t wait to see Ms. Payne and Mr. Gray do all the activities too. Make sure you get your forms in quickly, you don’t want to miss out.

We have got are parts in our play called the Key Master. We will perform it in February, my part is the Excise man which in the olden days was the people collect the kings taxes but my friend is the land lord and Ruby is Lord Gutsworthy. I know we all want it to be a success so will have to practice a lot!

Written by: Arkan (Year 6)

Year 6 – Week 6 Update

This week a lot has happened. My favourite subjects this week were music and science because we got to practice our school play, and my class got to experiment with electrical circuits. My least favourite subject has been English because we had to watch a video, got given a sheet with pictures from the video, and had to write a descriptive scene about what was in the picture. Once we finished two sheets of that, we had to re-write a part of the story in the 1st person. On Thursday, everyone got to watch the whole of the video without doing much work, which was nice. The best part of the week was winning the student councillor award. I worked very hard to win the award and I won’t regret it. Before I won the student councillor award, I applied for the house captain for Earth house but, unfortunately, I didn’t win the award.

A few times a week, when my mum can’t come to school at 2:50pm because she’s at work, I go to Star Club, and my sister and I are collected from there. I usually go to Star Club on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Sometimes I get picked up by one of my mum’s friends. On Mondays, I go to football club which I really enjoy, but on Tuesdays my sister does dance club so my mum leaves work early to pick me up and go to a nearby mall to do food shopping and maybe buy an ice cream.

Lately in class I’ve been doing a lot of maths. The kind of maths I’ve been doing is division and problem solving. Last year at DESS I learned about Hokusai the Japanese artist; he would usually draw fantastic pictures of waves in the ocean. I think his art is incredible. In Arabic, I really struggle because I’ve never been taught the letters so I can’t read, speak or write Arabic, although this year I’m being taught the letters of Arabic which is great. Usually at Manor Primary in Library time, I don’t choose large books because I have a large amount of homework and a couple of projects to do. I don’t really have enough time to read books. Lunchtime is probably my favourite part of the day because, when it’s indoor break, I get to play football, and I recently became football captain for my team. Then, once we’ve finished the match we line up and go to pod 2 to eat our lunch. Plus, 2 times a week, I get pesto pasta with sausages in a flask which keeps It warm. It’s my favourite food.

In PE, since the beginning of school, my whole class has been doing lots of different kinds of tests related to physical activity, like testing our throwing, running, reflexes, awareness, and many other activities. In swimming, I’ve been practicing my diving, breast stroke, back stroke and front crawl to get ready to do timed laps at English College this Wednesday. Personally, I think I’ll be doing front crawl and back stroke because I feel like those are the best strokes for me.

Most of the time, during Skills lesson, we look in a dictionary and write words in cursive. In Social Studies, we are learning all about the Arabian Gulf. Surprisingly, the Sheikh has declared that all schools in Dubai must learn about the Arabian Gulf, including the history of the UAE, learning how to write and say all the sheikhs’ names, the geography of the Arabian Gulf and lots more. Right now, in French my class and I are just learning and revising how to say simple words.

To be honest, I’ve quite enjoyed the past week, and I am looking forward to the rest of the term. I’m also looking forward to working as student councillor, and finding out what other people’s ideas are to help keep the school happy and healthy.

Written by: Harry (Year 6)

Year 6 – Week 4 Update


The first lesson on most days is maths and on Sunday we did long multiplication.  We did different questions in maths, we did English for our next lesson. Our class then started our poems that were for the year 6 display in our corridor, we had been practising writing these poems for a week but then we did our final one.

The poem had to be in the shape of a natural disaster as that is our topic work, which year 6 did at the end of the day, and so far in year 6 that has been my favourite subject. I also did French which is also a great subject in school that was our last lesson of the day.


On Monday the class did Arabic, which we do on Monday, Tuesday’s and Thursday. We also had maths, English and. We also finished our poems in English but we had to do it in a different class as our parents were there. We also did more long multiplication which was also our homework for the week.


On Tuesday we had our swimming lesson but first year 6 had maths and Arabic which was fun  and then after break we did swimming, we practised doing are relays that will be in a few weeks we also did English and topic and in English new did speech and in topic we did the planets tectonic plates.


Wednesday is a great day because it is nearly the weekend and our class do library which is one of my favourite things to do. We also did ICT so we got to use the computers so it was great fun while the Islamic people were at Islamic we did more speech for our writing.



On Thursday we had our last Arabic lesson, then we had P.E and we played a game which was like Netball. In maths we did our last lesson of multiplication so we did some sums that were long multiplication. Then we had our assembly which is done once a week and is when we get our awards. After that we pack our bags and go home for the weekend.

Written by: Sean (Year 6)

Year 6: Week 3 Update

Believe it or not, three weeks have already passed. We have been doing different sorts of things like Algebra, simple subtraction, addition, poetry, learning about natural disasters, and various other subjects.

For Topic, we learnt about natural disasters and which countries normally get affected, how often and the reasons why that particular country was hit by the disaster. We certainly learnt a lot. It was fun learning about it with all the exciting activities we did.

In poetry, our Topic was Natural Disasters again. We had to use as many literary features as possible. This was a real challenge because some of us had never come across a poem on Natural Disasters. It felt strangely “Odd” especially since we had to include everything we learnt in previous years in English Grammar from nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs to alliteration, personification, similes, metaphors and a lot more literary features. What a task it was! We also celebrated Roald Dahl Day and everyone had such amazing costumes.

It is important to know more about the country you live in, from language to tradition. Therefore, in Social Studies, we did group posters about the UAE. The UAE is a country full of rich culture, tradition and a lot of values. This is one subject that I can relate to easily because it’s about a country that I live in.

Another exciting thing was to choose our after school activities. I chose Netball. I learnt how to do shoulder passes, bounce passes and chest passes in Netball. I am so glad the school has introduced it and I am actually training for it. I never realised Netball could be so much fun. I have found a sport I really like. I hope I can play well and get chosen to play for my school team one day. Other students are in Film Club, Dance Club, Qu’ran Club and more.

Finally, we are really looking forward to the yearly show. Our drama teacher has chosen “The Key Master“ for this year’s show. I am quite enthusiastic about the show. I love Drama class and all the drama that happens in class. This is a really fun class that I look forward to every week.

Our House Captains were chosen this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t get chosen to be House Captain. I was really looking forward to that. I wish I had. Now, my only hope is to be chosen for the student council. That whole week was very stressful for me until the results were out. Who said kids don’t get stressed?

We have had a lovely start to school this year. The teachers have been great. My class teacher and the teaching assistant are awesome and the students are really friendly. I hope we have smooth year ahead with lots of fun exciting things planned. It will be our last year in Primary, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a very memorable one.

Written by: Fatemah (Year 6)

The Start of the Year

Welcome to Year 6, the final year of Primary school!

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for the exciting year ahead. Our Term 1 topic will be Our Planet, which covers natural disasters as well as how humans impact the Earth! Some students might have already studied this topic in a past school, but we take it to the next level here at Manor.

Our Science topics include Living Things and their Habitats and Electricity. We will also look back at some other topics learned in the younger years as a reminder to prepare for Year 7.

In English this term, some of the styles of writing we will use include: Journalistic writing, Poetry and Fictional Short Story writing. Students will also work on continuing to improve their spelling and grammar.

Maths will include both reviewing and expanding their knowledge in many areas. We will start with Place Value and move into the four basic functions: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Without a solid understanding in these areas, Year 6 Maths (and Secondary Maths) will be challenging. The very best preparation you can do at home is to perfect your times tables and work on your speed.

Students will also have their Art, ICT, Music, French, Arabic and PE lessons, as well as Islamic for certain students.

In addition to the lessons in the classroom, there are other things for the Year 6 students to look forward to. Some of these include:

  • Our trip to RAK for 3 days in December
  • Leadership Roles: Student Council and House Captains
  • Preparing for the school production
  • Special Event Days
  • Updating the class webpage

There will be Parent’s Information Meeting for Year 6 parents to answer any questions about the year ahead. Most communication will take place through the D6, so please download this to your home computers and mobile phones to stay updated with your child’s learning and events at MPS.

Written by: Mr Adam Gray

Assistant Head Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher, Class Teacher, Head of KS2, Maths, Science and Social Media


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