Class ZW – Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

We will be really busy this year learning a lot of new things in our subjects while developing strategies which will continue to help us learn in the future.

Here are some of the things that you will find us learning about in our classroom this term:

In English, we will be starting the term reading and writing fantasy stories. This will link in with our first class novel: How to Train your Dragon by Cressinda Cowell. We will use fantasy as a way to develop our vocabulary, descriptive techniques and story-writing skills. In addition, we will cover a variety of grammar, punctuation and spelling aspects. During our guided reading sessions, we will be reading in small groups to improve our word recognition and comprehension skills. Much of our focus will be on comprehension as it is really important that we understand what we are reading.

In Maths, we will begin the term recapping what we already know to make sure the foundations of our maths knowledge are in place before we tackle the more challenging material! We will be focusing a lot this year on reasoning and problem-solving – this means that we have to think deeper about how and why we are doing what we do when we solve a maths problem. For most of the first term, we will be focusing on number. We will be covering units such as place value, rounding, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will invest time making sure our times tables skills are as good as they should be.

In Science, our first unit is Living things and their Habitats. In this topic, we will be learning about animals and how we can group and classify them according to their characteristics.

Our topic this term is Vikings and Anglo-Saxons so we will be learning a lot about the history of this time period. In addition, we will look at the geography of the movement of these people. Our topic will also link into our art and Computing learning.

In Social Studies,we will be learning about the history of the UAE and how the Emirates changed before and after the Union. We will also be learning about the founders of the United Arab Emirates.

In Moral Education, our themes will be equality, appreciation, discrimination and gratitude. We will talk about how we practice these in a positive way, not just in Moral Education, but always!

We look forward to sharing with you everything we have done in a few weeks time!

Ms Wilson


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