Class ZW – Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Term 3!

I can’t believe it is already our last Term in Year 4! I’m sure we will continue to work hard to be the best we can be!

In English, we are going to be reading and writing our own news reports. We will find out how journalists write news reports. In addition to this, we will be reading some biographies and auto-biographies. We will have a project to create our own auto-biography of our life so far.

Alongside our writing, we will continue focus on a range of grammar and punctuation areas to make sure our writing is mature and interesting for the reader.

In guided reading, we will be continuing our learning on inference and deduction, knowing how to ‘read between the lines’ in order to become more effective readers.

In maths, we will develop our problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts. We will work with money and decimals, we will learn estimate and measure things using different units for length, weight and capacity. We will also learn how to work our perimeter and area using calculations, we will use coordinates on 2D grids to develop our skills in position and direction and we will read and construct accurate line graphs.

In Science this term, we will continue with our Sound topic and carry out lots of practical investigations. Then, we will learn about Electricity. We will learn how to build and create circuits and how to represent this on paper. It will be a very hands-on term for science. Be ready to make lots of predictions, and then use results to inform scientific conclusions.

Our topic this term is Exploration. We will learn about some different explorers, where they went and what they discovered. We will take trips around the world and back in time to find out lots of things about the Earth we live in!

As well as these subjects, we will continue to develop skills in ICT, Art, DT, French, PE, Swimming, Music, Moral Education and Social Studies.

And as always, remember to smile, Year 4!

Termly Overview Y4ZW Term 3 Exploration

Welcome to Term 2!

After working so hard last term, I look forward to seeing our Year 4 children continue to flourish in their learning!

This term, we will be building upon the successes of last months and aiming high!

In English, we will be beginning the term by reading explanation texts and then writing our own explanations to explain how something works. Later in the term, we will be reading and writing a range of texts including fiction stories from other cultures and non-fiction recounts. We will also read and write discussion texts as well as participate in our own debate.

Alongside our writing, we will focus on a range of grammar and punctuation areas including paragraphing and the use of conjunctions and adverbial phrases to add maturity to our writing.

In guided reading, we will be focusing on reading comprehension and demonstrating our understanding of what we are reading by using evidence from the text to support our answers.

In maths, we will focus largely this term on mental and written methods of multiplication and division. We will apply the skills we learn here in our problem-solving lessons as well as solving one-step and multi-step word problems. We will use co-ordinates to describe positions and translate shapes in the first quadrant. In addition, we will dive deeper into the topic of fractions and decimals – we will explore the relationships between them and recognize equivalent fractions and decimals.

Our first science topic this term will be ‘States of Matter’ where we will explore solids, liquids and gases and learn about how matter can change its state. We will also learn about evaporation and condensation in the water cycle. Next, we will learn about ‘Sound’ and how sound travels through vibrations to the ear. We will learn about how pitch and volume changes based on vibrations.

Our topic this term is ‘Extreme Environments’ which will allow us to explore our planet Earth – its diverse environments such as the desert and the Arctic. We will also learn about some extreme weather conditions and climates.

We’ve got a busy and exciting term of learning ahead! Let’s be the best we can be, Year 4!

Termly Overview Y4ZW Term 2 Extreme Environments

Term 1

We will be really busy this year learning lots of new things in our subjects while developing strategies which will continue to help us learn in the future.

Here are some of the things that you will find us learning about in our classroom this term:

In English, we will be starting the term reading and writing fantasy stories. This will link in with our first class novel: How to Train your Dragon by Cressinda Cowell. We will use fantasy as a way to develop our vocabulary, descriptive techniques and story-writing skills. In addition, we will cover a variety of grammar, punctuation and spelling aspects. During our guided reading sessions, we will be reading in small groups to improve our word recognition and comprehension skills. Much of our focus will be on comprehension as it is really important that we understand what we are reading.

In Maths, we will begin the term recapping what we already know to make sure the foundations of our maths knowledge are in place before we tackle the more challenging material! We will be focusing a lot this year on reasoning and problem-solving – this means that we have to think deeper about how and why we are doing what we do when we solve a maths problem. For most of the first term, we will be focusing on number. We will be covering units such as place value, rounding, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will invest time making sure our times tables skills are as good as they should be.

In Science, our first unit is Living things and their Habitats. In this topic, we will be learning about animals and how we can group and classify them according to their characteristics.
Our topic this term is Vikings and Anglo-Saxons so we will be learning a lot about the history of this time period. In addition, we will look at the geography of the movement of these people. Our topic will also link into our art and ICT learning.

We look forward to sharing with you everything we have done in a few weeks time!


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