Our Vision

We are a caring and inclusive school in which every child:

  • can flourish regardless of their starting point
  • will thrive in a safe and creative environment
  • will value and enjoy their education and recognise its importance for future success
  • will become a confident, self-reflecting, articulate and positive member of the community.

In order to achieve our vision we will ensure the following:

Every child

  • feels safe, valued and listened to
  • is tolerant and inclusive
  • is empowered to achieve, regardless of their starting point
  • will, through our creative curriculum, develop their talents and become an active independent learner with the skills and values to make a successful transition to the next stage in their education
  • leaves our school a creative caring individual; a global citizen equipped to make a positive contribution and shape a better world

All staff

  • are highly motivated and dedicated
  • exemplify best practice, resulting from outstanding & on-going professional development
  • contribute to teaching and learning that aspires to be outstanding
  • receive excellent on-going professional opportunities
  • are encouraged to innovate and develop their potential as leaders

The school community

  • provides a broad–based education, including music, arts and sports, as well as core subjects, as part of its creative curriculum
  • becomes recognised as a centre of excellence, innovation and best practice
  • has a shared sense of values and accountability
  • always seeks value for money and economies of scale
  • has an effective Governance which is able to hold the school leaders to account for delivering its vision

Parents and Community

  • trust the School to nurture each and every child in its care
  • know that their diversity is valued and celebrated
  • support positive partnerships between the School and parents
  • know that the School strives to develop partnerships to improve the education available to the children