After School Clubs

After School Clubs

Each term a range of after-school clubs (not just sport) are available for Key Stages 1 and 2 students. Although these vary according to staff availability, we work with specialist external, after-school providers who are able to repeatedly offer a range of sporting activities. Each term children are asked to apply for their preferred club and responses are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We try to ensure all children who wish to be involved in a club have the opportunity to do so, even if their first choice might not be met.

We expect the same standard of behaviour in clubs as we do during timetabled school time. Children not reaching the expected behaviour standards risk losing their place in a club.

Star Club (additional child care beyond the school day)

Star Club is an excellent facility for the working parent(s) as it offers child care from the end of the school day until 5pm.  There are a range of activities which vary from day to day, including use of the outdoor environment.  There is a fee (paid directly to the manager of Star Club), the details of which can be obtained from the school office.

Star Club is a non-teaching play club for children from FS1 to Y6, what will they do?

Your children will enjoy a host of daily activities, games, arts and crafts, reading, party games, team games, board games, DVD watching, WiiU, painting and drawing but best of all, socialising with their friends in a relaxed environment. We would like the children to feel as if they are at home with their friends for company and we even serve afternoon tea for those still with us at 3.30pm.

Why should your children attend Star Club?

Because they will love it! You will love it too because you can stay at the office if needs be or go off and have a coffee with friends or have a peaceful trip to the supermarket. We are sure you will find something to do while they play happily.

Running late?

Rather than drive at break neck speed, simply call the school to let them know and your child will be brought to Star Club so that you can take it easy and get here in one piece. Star Club is a paid for facility separate to but operating within our school premises. Please note that if you wish your child to attend Star Club, a registration form will need to be completed beforehand or upon first collection.

We look forward seeing you at Star Club soon.

Please contact us to reserve a place:
Mobile: 052-330 0103